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New School Year Prayer 2017
On Sunday February 26th 2017, after the solemn Vespers of forgiveness, which was celebrated by HE Metropolitan Ambrosios of Korea, Fr. Roman Kavchak, Fr. Anthony Lim and Deacon Fr. Johan Park, the Blessing of the Water was held for the new School and Sunday school year with the participation of students and their parents. In a brief address, His Eminence thanked the Sunday School teachers and wished the students to have a blessed and fruitful new school year. Then he pointed out to them that they must never despair and abandon their efforts, in case of failure. Instead, they should always remember the adage: “It is bad to fail, but it is worse to stop trying.” Finally, he gave presents to the students who went from one school level to another, and the event ended with offering refreshments and cookies to all.

Photos : click here